I'm Martin Ecker, and I write code for a living. Not just any kind of code, but mostly graphics code for video games (although I've done pretty much any type of coding for video games, from AI to networking to physics to audio, you name it).

I love my job and on this blog you can find my ramblings about video game and graphics programming.

I'm originally from Austria, Europe but I now live in beautiful San Diego, California with my lovely fiancé and our cat, enjoying the awesome California sunshine all year 'round 🙂 I currently work for Sony Computer Entertainment America on some super secret project that I can't talk about.

I play guitar and drums, couldn't live without sushi, good wine, and chocolate, like scuba diving, sailing, and hitting the gym, and am an easy-going optimist in almost all aspects of life.

In case it wasn't obvious, all opinions and code snippets on here are my own.

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